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Professional Leaf Vacuuming and Gutter Clean Out. 

Serving Copperas Cove TX, Killeen TX, Off Post Fort Hood TX, Harker Heights TX,

 ​Nolanville TX, Belton TX, Morgans Point TX, Salado TX and Temple TX. Troy TX.


Our leaf mulching gator blades reduce the amount of collected leaves in half. For example, 10 raked bags of leaves are equal to 5 hoppers full of mulched leaves. 1 hopper holds about 45 gallons of mulched leaves. We use 2 zero turn mowers to vacuum up the leaves, and a 2-3 man crew to complete the clean up. Most jobs take between 1 - 2  hours. We offer paper or plastic bags depending on your city's trash pick up policy.


Leaf vacuuming packages listed below. (vacuuming up leaves is 2 times more efficient than raking)


Count your trees and you have your estimated cost.


$75.00 for 11 full hoppers = 22 raked bags = 1-2 large trees - small package.


$155.00 for 25 full hoppers = 50 raked bags = 3 - 4 large trees - Large package.


If you need more clean up after that, it's just $5.00 per hopper =  2 - 45 gallon bags of raked up leaves.


We are able to handle any amount of leaves.